Haworth and the KWVR

Haworth and the KWVR on the Yorkshire by Steam tour

Friday June 7th 2019

For the penultimate day of this tour our coach took us to Keighley railway station. Keighley is one end of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway [KWVR].

Our journey on this line took us through Oakworth station. This was used as the location of the station in the film The Railway Children.

The line finishes at Oxenhope.

From Oxenhope our coach took us to the previous village on the line, Haworth. Haworth is a beautiful village on a hill. No big chain shops here.

Haworth is also home to the parsonage where the Bronte family lived. It is now a museum that the tourees visited. In the earlier mentioned film, The Railway Children, it was used as the setting of Doctor Forrest’s surgery.

Haworth is also the site of the engine sheds for the KWVR. As part of the trip we were given a guided tour of the engine sheds where restoration work is undertaken on old steam and diesel engines.

As a Microsoft Excel addict I was particularly pleased to see their works’ planning board.

From Haworth we travelled on to Ingrow station to visit the Vintage Carriages Trust. Here old railway carriages are restored and preserved.

The carriages are lent to film studios and have appeared in many television programmes and films. Also the little steam locomotive from The Railway Children is situated here.

Saturday is the final day of this tour and involves breakfast followed by checkout from the hotel. After saying goodbye to the tourees I made my way to the railway station and headed south back home.

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