Inverness to Glasgow

Inverness to Glasgow on the Outer Hebrides & Highlands tour

Thursday, 5th September 2019

The penultimate day of the tour takes us from Inverness by train down to Glasgow.

After a leisurely breakfast the tourees gather with their luggage in the hotel reception. A man with a van duly arrives and the luggage is loaded into the van and will be delivered directly to our rooms in this evening’s hotel in Glasgow.

A coach arrives and takes us into central Inverness. The tourees then have three hours to themselves to discover Inverness and have lunch.

I go for a wonder on my own, first visiting the Victorian market opposite the railway station.

A walk beside the River Ness gives me views of Inverness Castle.

On the other side of the river to the castle is Inverness Cathedral.

Back across the river I climb up to the castle to get the views.

There have been several castles built at this site over the centuries. The existing castle was built in the 1830s and is currently used a Sheriff Court. Since it is a working court you can’t wonder around inside, unfortunately.

In the weeks before the Battle of Culloden, in 1746, 3,000 of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Jacobite followers seized the then castle. They plundered the stores for food and weapons before razing the site in a blaze of explosives.

When Mary, Queen of Scots visited in 1562, the Governor had entrusted the castle to his Captain. The Captain refused entry to the Queen, causing great offence, so he was executed and his head displayed on the castle wall for all to see.

I meet up with the tourees again and, as a group, we take the train down to Glasgow.

This is a beautiful journey through the Cairngorns. I particularly liked passing the Dalwhinnie Distillery.

The three and a half hour train journey passes through the notable places of: Aviemore; Pitlochry; Gleneagles; Dunblane; Stirling and Perth.

The evening is spent in Glasgow with a four course farewell dinner at our hotel.

Friday, 6th September 2019

After breakfast at our hotel at Glasgow Railway Station I say goodbye to the tourees who are making their own way home. Some have decided to stay longer in Glasgow others are travelling home by train or airplane, and in one case, by ferry.

I take the 10:40 train back down to the ‘the big smoke’ [London]. Hoping to be back home at about 18:00.

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When I was a teacher, the boys gave me a knick name: Pringle. I had a moustache and they thought I looked like the man on the Pringles tube!

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