Raby & Barnard Castles

Raby & Barnard Castles <br/>on the Lumley Castle & Durham tour

Thursday 20th June 2019

The final full day of this tour starts with a coach journey to Raby Castle. We were fortunate to have a guided tour of the castle one hour before the official public opening.

This is a spectacular castle, still owned by the same family who originally constructed it, in 1367. It features a hall that you could drive a coach through.

Following Raby Castle, the coach took us to the town of Barnard Castle. In the town is the Bowes Museum (Bowes was the maiden name of Elizabeth the Queen mother).

I was particularly taken by the Lego model of the museum.

Following the museum I took a walk along the river…

…before visiting the castle.

Friday was the final day of the tour. This involved a coach from the hotel at 10:00 to Durham railway station and then the train home.

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