Beamish on the Lumley Castle & Durham tour

Thursday June 18th 2019

The second day of this tour is spent at Beamish. However, following discussions with Eric, the coach driver, we took a brief detour on the way to the open air museum, to stop and view the Angel of the North.

The Beamish museum is an open air museum that looks to preserve examples of every day living in the North East of England from the 1920s onwards. There are three railways, old trams, a coal mine, villages etc.

I went for a walk down the mine.

As I was watching them shunt an old steam engine backwards and forwards it unfortunately derailed!

The preserved railway station.

The village high street.

The fully functioning pub.

The trams take the visitors around the whole museum.

The museum is currently expanding by building a new 1950s area. This involves, amongst other things, demolishing a cinema in Sunderland, brick-by-brick and rebuilding it a the museum. I was fortunate enough to blag my way into the press launch of the new community centre. It reminds me of the Oliver Bird Hall in Solihull where I went to a youth club in my teens.

I particularly liked the wagon way.

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