Sarlat and a boat

Sarlat and a boat on the Dordogne & Lot tour

Saturday 18th, May

Following breakfast at 08:00 our coach collected us at 09:00 and delivered us to Sarlat for 09:40. This gave the tourees three and a half hours to explore this lovely town. Saturdays feature a very large traditional French market which spreads throughout the cobbled streets of the town, which are all closed to traffic.

Sarlat is principally a market town with a central square Place de la Liberte. The Cathedral is worth visiting dedicated to Saint Sacerdos.

The main street is the Rue De la Republique. Exploring both sides of this main street leads you to courtyards and alleyways and cobbled hideaways.

After meeting at our coach drop-off point at 13:00 we were driven the the wonderful village of La Roque Gageac. The village is set against a steep and sometimes crumbling cliff face.

The village is on the river Dordogne. It is partly tidal and is fast flowing, its banks can be flooded in heavy rain. Speeds of 50mph are not unknown. The river was used for transporting goods from upstream to downstream.  

The Gabares were the original flat bottomed boats for transporting goods between the Massif Centrale and the ports of Bergerac. We took part in a one hour journey along the river in a replica Gabare.

Our coach again returned us to our hotel in Souillac for 16:30, giving the tourees a bit of R&R time before dinner at 19:00.

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